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    The View is Kansas City's premier downtown living community with breathtaking panoramic views of Downtown Kansas City from each condominium.

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    The View brings together everything people want in a metropolitan environment: top quality appliances, floor to ceiling windows, and amenities that pamper you like you are on vacation everyday.

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    Kansas City

    From the heritage of the historic Farmer's Market to the cool of the Crossroads Arts District and to the trendy Power & Light entertainment district, check out the many things to see and do across Kansas City's Downtown.

The View has taken care of every detail. We have designed our atmosphere to be truly the most affordable and luxurious living experience in Kansas City. The View is Downtown Kansas City's premier living community. We offer quality, luxury and value here at The View.

At The View we are creating a lifestyle of active individuals who have balance of fun and relaxation in their life.

Experience Downtown Kansas City

From the heritage of the historic Farmer's Market to the cool of the Crossroads Arts District and to the trendy Power & Light entertainment district, check out the many things to see and do across Kansas City's Downtown.

Grab a quick bite before a show or relax and enjoy an evening in KC's new Downtown. You'll find a rich and varied mix of more than 100 restaurants in and around the Downtown area.

Downtown Kansas City has become one of the hot spots nationwide for the greatest touring acts. Downtown features several concert venues led by Sprint Center, which currently ranks as the #5 busiest arenas in the U.S. by Pollstar Magazine.

Events At The View

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The View Terms & Conditions

I understand and accept that I am solely responsible for any and all damages, without exception or exclusion, caused by myself and or any and all guests, invitees or others who may enter the reserved area that is in my care and the View community generally for the purpose of attending my event. I further agree to be present throughout the entire event.

I accept that the area is in clean condition without damage and agree to return it in same. This request is submitted and I acknowledge that cleaning, damages and other charges may be invoiced to me and will be due upon receipt of an itemized invoice.

I further acknowledge and understand that failure to clean the entire reserved area, empty all trash, wipe down furniture, tables and other surfaces, vacuum, and do anything needed to return the reserved area to its original and proper state will result in charges of not less than $100 for cleaning and costs plus 20% for any and all additional damages caused to furniture, fixtures, equipment and the reserved area generally.

The amenities are available 24/7 and can be scheduled as such. However, quiet hours are 10 PM to 8 AM. Violators of quiet hours are subject to a fine.

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Building Records

Listed are the building records of financials, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, building policies, etc.

Building FAQs

Q. When is my HOA payment due?

A. Your HOA dues are due on the first of every month. The dues are considered late as of the 2nd Late fee will be applied if payment is not posted on the 15th of the month. You can make your payment payable to The View HOA.
- You can pay online at www.DKCPM.com
- You can drop your payment off at the 4th floor security desk drop box
- You can mail it to us at 600 E. Admiral Blvd. HOA office Kansas City, MO 64106
If you need to make special arrangements to pay your dues, please contact the management at 816-283-1500.

Q. What are the hours of use for the common amenities?

A. You can reserve all your amenities on the website. The theater/game room/kitchen is considered one amenity to be reserved. This can be reserved 24/7. The indoor pool is available 24/7. The amenities must be walked through with the security before and after each use. Any damages and/or cleaning that needs to be done will be charged to you.

Q. What should I do if I have noticed a problem or concern with the building?

A. The first thing you should do is contact security immediately. Security will handle the problem. 816-298-5793.

Q. My neighbor is being a nuisance and bothersome. How do I report a problem?

A. Report your neighbor to security. Security will follow up with them. 816-298-7385.

Q. Where is the preferred location for pets to be let out?

A. Any entrance/exit is fine for letting your pet out. If you have a larger breed animal, we do ask that you use the freight elevator. Management has supplied the grounds with �clean-up� stations for you to clean up after your pet.

Q. When are the board meetings for the building?

A. The board meetings are every second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the game room. This is open to all homeowners. If you are unable to attend a board meeting, the minutes, financials, agenda and other misc documents will be posted on the website in the records section.

Q. How do I get elected to the board?

A. Board members are elected at the October Home Owners meeting. All you have to do is put you name in an a brief resume so people know who they are voting for.

Q. When are the social/community meetings and what is discussed?

A. These meetings are posted and are open to the public. They discuss landscaping and other community issues and present recommendations to the Board.

Q. If someone is in the vestibule when entering the building, what should I do if there is no guard?

A. Inform the guest that this is a secure building and ask that they wait for the guard to come back.

Q. How do I reserve the party room/media room and what are the rules and or requirements?

A. You can make all your reservations on this website. When agreeing to use the amenity, you agree that any damages that occur will result in a charge to you.

Q. If someone is in my parking spot what should in do?

A. Contact and report to security immediately. They will follow up with this matter.

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The View HOA Board provides a unique blend of professionalism, knowledge, honesty and sincere enthusiasm. The HOA Board includes members who have real experience with financials, management and law. They strive to keep the building running smoothly and to provide the residents a great community experience.

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